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Crime Prevention Programs

Crime Prevention Programs

Community-based crime prevention programs include those that operate within the community and involve community residents actively working with their local government agencies to address issues contributing to crime, delinquency, and disorder. Community members are encouraged to play key roles in problem identification and planning solutions to problems in their communities. There is wide variation in crime prevention programs based on factors such as program focus, program rationale, community context (e.g., racial and social class composition in the community), and level and type of community involvement. Community-based crime prevention programs are operated by neighborhood residents, police, and faith-based organizations. Community-based crime prevention programs covered here include:

  • Neighborhood Watch - a community mobilization strategy in which citizen groups organize to prevent and report neighborhood crime and disorder;
  • Crime Reports & Maps - sharing city data to promote the involvement of local and state governments, the private sector, and neighborhoods to respond to violent crime and drug abuse and improve the quality of life in communities by incorporating multiple approaches;
  • Crime Tips - utilizing new online technology that allows citizens, businesses, and organizations to quickly and accurately report crime tips.

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