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Communications Unit

The City of Newnan's Communications Center handles several hundred calls each month. They dispatch police and Animal Control only, they also communicate needs to code enforcement and street department when necessary in response to the needs of the public.
Non-emergency contact number is 770-254-2355
Emergency dial 911

The following information requested is necessary to complete the call and send emergency assistance to your location. Have the following detailed information ready to pass on to the 911 operator as it pertains to a crime in progress or suspicious activity:  
Where? What? Who? When?

  1. Location of incident?
  2. Type of incident?
  3. Number of suspects?
  4. Are they armed or not?
  5. Is the crime still in progress?
  6. Direction of travel?
  7. Are there any injuries?
  8. Are children involved?

 Hearing Impaired and Non-English Speakers-The Communications Center does have the capability of receiving calls from the hearing impaired and also has the ability to help the non-English speaking people through professional translators.

Facts about our Dispatch Center
5 full-time employees
Calls for service average – 150 per day
Center manned 24/7


Newnan Police

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phone 770-254-2355

fax 770-254-2346

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