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Wildlife and City of Newnan Residents

With Newnan growing every day, citizens are having to learn to live with all the wildlife.   Newnan has everything from squirrels to bears and there are simple tips to keep these critters from wanting to make your yard their home.   The Animal Warden would like to share some tips and websites to help everyone better understand our wildlife.

  •  Coyotes:   Generally, coyotes are reclusive animals who avoid human contact.   However, as we encroach into the hunting territory it is not uncommon to see them running around.    There is a program available that discourages the coyotes from coming into neighborhoods and has had success in other areas.    To learn about coyote hazing, please visit the HSUS website
  •  Armadillos:   The yard destroyer!    The best way to make sure armadillos will stop digging up an area is to remove the food source.   Treating a yard/garden with grub killer is the easiest way to stop them from digging.    For other ways, visit the Havahart website.
  •  Snakes:   A lot of people do not like snakes.    According to the experts, there is no sure fire way to keep snakes away.   But, if you see a snake and want to ID it, or for more information about snakes, please visit the Southeastern Reptile Rescue website.
  •  Fox and Raccoon:     The City has several fox dens that have been around for generations as well as numerous raccoon nests.   Typically the foxes and raccoons will avoid human contact, however, as the natural food sources are depleting, the fox and raccoon are learning to adapt.   They will come into yards and eat your pets food that is left out, trash, compost piles, bird feeders.   The easiest way to avoid having these 2 visitors would be to keep all pet food, trash, etc. secured and put away – if you take away the food source they will not come looking for a meal.   More information on these can be found at Foxes and Raccoons.

 The Animal Warden will do everything that is available to help with dealing with wildlife, however, sometimes situations need to be handled by a professional wildlife removal service.


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