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Neighborhood Watch Program

The Neighborhood Watch Program is about protecting your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch a Success:
  • Leadership-The neighborhood watch chairperson and block captains are active in the organization
  • Communication-Stay informed about the issues in your neighborhood and passed them on to others.
  • Commitment- Get involved and stay involved.
  • Desire-  To make a difference in your neighborhood for a better quality of life.

The Newnan Police Department will come out and help the residents to set up a Neighborhood Watch Program.  We will provide tools that will help to make your Neighborhood Watch Program a success.
To set up a meeting, contact Sgt. Lee; email: or phone: (770)-254-2355.

  • Using the triangle tech.- Know your neighbors in front, left, and right of you. 
  • If you think someone is outside by your car, use your car emergency alarm to scare them away.
  • Have sensor lights placed on all corners of your house.
  • Keep your hedges and shrubs trimmed.
  • Check all of your doors and windows before you go to bed.
  • Look into apps that might help your neighborhood watch to become successful like "Nextdoor".

To report an incident, Call 911 or Newnan Police Department (770)-254-2355. We work 24/7 just for you so do not be afraid to call.

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