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Due to COVID-19, The Newnan Police Department will only respond to Private Property Accidents with injuries.  You may download this form and fill it out.  You need to submit the form to the GA Department of Driver’s Services at the address on the form.  Any accident on a roadway or private property with injuries, please call 911 for assistance.

The Newnan Police Department's Traffic Unit consists of one Traffic Lieutenant, one Traffic Corporal, and three Traffic Officers.

The main duties of the Traffic Unit include:

  • Visible Patrol
  • Enforce local and state traffic laws
  • Respond to citizen complaints in regard to traffic issues
  • Investigate traffic accidents
  • Assist with parades and all special events that require roadway closures
  • 24 hour on call for all serious injury or fatality traffic accidents

The Traffic Unit can be reached at 678-673-5367 or by email

Accident reports usually take three to five business days for completion, any questions regarding the availability of an accident report; contact the Municipal Court Clerk’s Office at 770-253-1226.

To pay a City of Newnan Traffic  Citation    NPD_PAY_POLICE_FINES

 The Newnan Police Department’s Bike Unit is under the supervision of the Traffic Lieutenant consists of four Bike Officers.

The main duties of the Bike Unit include:

  • Enforce local and state traffic laws
  • Assist with traffic units and with citizen complaints/hazards
  • Perform community policing for the citizens of Newnan and provide extra patrol for downtown businesses
  • Assist with parades and special events
  • Work school traffic and attend school events
  • Perform duties for court by providing the presence of security in Municipal Court

The Bike Unit can be reached at 678-673-5370 or by email


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